Monday, January 25, 2010

My January Revamp: Networked

I initially questioned the validity of social media for anything other than...well connecting. This last Fall, I had three clients with projects that might be promoted through Facebook, Linked-In, and Twitter. All told, our marketing via social media was successful and more cost-effective than some other traditional marketing methods.

So, after recommending clients utilize social media for marketing, I’ve spent a good part of January working on Facebook, Linked-In, and, yes, Twitter.

I’m easy to find on the networks.

On Facebook, I’m Mark G. Auerbach. I started using Facebook to bring my Northfield Mount Hermon class together. As Class Secretary, it was a good way to reconnect. Within a couple of months, we had a class group. I also use FB for personal use only, so I’ve gone out of my way to appear only interested in caffeine, lying in the sun, and showtunes.

On Linked In, I’m Mark G. Auerbach. I’m using Linked In to reconnect with colleagues, and make new contacts that can help me maintain and grow the business. Some of the forums are terrific. I find it odd, though, that there's no specific place for a middle initial, so I chuckle when it says "Mark G says this" or "Mark G recommends this"

On Twitter, I’m mgauerbach. I’m too much of a neophyte to evaluate its success and too busy to tweet.

For those exploring social media, I recommend: Marketingbuddy’s Blog: Bringing Social Media Marketing to the average Joe or Jane.

Donna Abelli, a Western Massachusetts-based graphic designer and marketing consultant, has started a new blog for marketeers, public relations, and business people, which makes it easy to understand social media from Facebook to Linked-In. Social marketing media plans are essential to doing good business, and they’re here to stay. A little knowledge here goes a long way.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Mark G Auerbach Public Relations: The 2009 Recap

In some ways, 2009 was a challenging year for my company, Mark G Auerbach Public Relations. We parted company with a client we'd done work for in excess of 22 years--public radio station WFCR; saw other clients go under or cut back, and found it more difficult to manage cash-flow. Challenge enthuses me, but it would be nice if market conditions improve before next summer's pool/tan season.

On the plus side, we added some new clients and projects, including:

***Mike Thornton Agency in Washington, DC:. Mike and I co-produced an almost sold out performance of the Capitol Steps in Northampton, MA (my first-ever event production independent of a client). Mike, a member of The Capitol Steps and a talented DC-based jazz and big band singer, hired us to promote Capitol Steps performances in Orlando, FL; Lebanon, NH; Albany, NY; and Cambridge/Boston, MA and two jazz performances in the metropolitan Washington, DC area.

***"Says You!", the public radio quiz show carried on over 100 stations coast-to-coast. We linked "Says You!" and our other client, Cross-Culture Journeys, together to produce an April 2010 Holland and Belgium small ship cruise during tulip time.

***PACE Theatre in Easthampton, MA, a small non-profit group which presented the musical "Falsettos" at The Academy of Music Theatre in Northampton, MA. We coordinated their marketing and public relations for the two-week performance run.

***A series of smaller projects including: a ghost-writing project for singer interested in developing a club act, copywriting and media-buying services for another marketing agency; resume and cover-writing projects for job-seekers, and more. I continued to serve on the Northfield Mount Hermon School's NMH Magazine Editorial Board (and act as class secretary with two other classmates). I also taught a public relations seminar for my collegue Brenda Garton's communications class at Western New England College.

We got into social media with Linked-In (where I hopefully look smart and savvy) and succumbed to the allure of Facebook (where I appear under-caffeinated). Find me on both under the name Mark G. Auerbach. I was actually able to use both to promote client programs and activities.

I like New Years. It offers a chance to close some doors, a chance to open others, and an opportunity to thank and appreciate colleagues, friends, and vendors who helped to make the old year possible. Thank you. Happy New Year.