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Media Release: Cognate Nutritionals / Byrd Alzheimer's Study

Dateline: October 22, 2013



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Note to the Media: We originally sent this release on 10/01/13. Since that date, CTV, the Canadian News, produced a report on this research. Although Fuel for Thought is not mentioned, it’s pictured in the video.


Cognate Nutritionals is providing their product Fuel For Thought® coconut oil beverage as the study treatment in USF Health Byrd Alzheimer’s Institute’s current randomized double-blind study to study the effect of coconut oil on people who have mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease.

Cognate Nutritionals co-founder Theodore B. VanItallie, M.D says that coconut oil contains MCTs (medium chain triglycerides), which produce ketones in the liver. "Ketones are a proven fuel for the brain" says Dr. VanItallie. "There is a large and growing body of observational evidence suggesting that when a sufficient amount of coconut oil is ingested on a regular basis, it can help to support neurological function. Some animal trials have successfully demonstrated this but no human clinical trials have been conducted previously".

Dr. VanItallie added "Coconut oil has the highest concentration of MCTs found in a food, but it is difficult to consume sufficient quantities of pure coconut oil. Fuel For Thought® has concentrated the functional ingredients found in coconut oil and combined them in a delicious beverage that has one third the calories of the equivalent functional amount of coconut oil".

For The University of South Florida Byrd Alzheimer’s Institute study, people with Alzheimer’s disease, ages 55-90, are being enrolled to take part in the six-month double-blind trial study. Participants drink three, one-ounce bottles of Fuel For Thought® or a placebo per day. There are two three-month treatment periods. In this cross-over design study, all people taking part get the treatment beverage in one of the three-month periods and the same individuals receive a placebo, designed to closely resemble the test product, during the other three months. Study participants won't know which is which.

According to Cognate Nutritionals CEO Robert Firger, the Byrd Institute chose Fuel For Thought® “because it’s a delicious, easy to drink formulation that will increase people’s willingness to comply with regular use over the long study period. Fuel For Thought® is also fortified, so it has fewer calories, a distinct advantage and encouragement to regular consumption".

The USF Health Byrd Alzheimer's Institute in Tampa, FL is a multi-disciplinary Center of Excellence at the University of South Florida that provides compassionate family-centered patient care, performs leading edge research and delivers quality public and professional education. The Institute is involved in a number of research studies for various stages of Alzheimer’s disease and mild cognitive impairment. Information on The Byrd Alzheimer’s Institute is available at: (

Cognate Nutritionals Inc was founded in 2004, and is based in Bloomfield, CT. Through research, study of Ketonomics, extensive professional experience and expertise, Cognate Nutritionals is pioneering the design and development of innovative nutritional products - functional foods which benefit both brain and body. Cognate Nutritionals principal founder is Theodore B. VanItallie, whose many decades of experience as a medical nutrition expert provided the basis for the development of Fuel For Thought®.

The company's first line of innovative products started with Fuel For Thought®, a delicious and convenient liquid formulation of coconut oil that is vastly superior to the coconut oil products currently available on the market. Fuel For Thought® requires no refrigeration, and is pre-packed in convenient individual servings.

For more information regarding the coconut oil study at the University of South Florida, please contact Dr. Amanda Smith and her study team at (813) 974-4355 or email us at [University of South Florida IRB # Pro00012233].

For further information on Cognate Nutritionals and Fuel For Thought®, visit



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Canadian Television Profiles Byrd Alzheimer Institute Coconut Oil Study

A Canadian TV report profiled the Byrd Alzheimer's Institute study on the effects of coconut oil on Alzheimer's. They used my client Cognate Nutritionals' "Fuel for Thought".

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Media Release: The Capitol Steps Return to Cambridge on November 30 with "Fiscal Shades of Gray"

DATELINE: October 26, 2013

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Cambridge, MA--The Capitol Steps perform their new “Fiscal Shades of Gray” revue for two performances on Saturday, November 30, 2013 at 5PM and 8PM at Sanders Theatre, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.

The Capitol Steps "Fiscal Shades of Gray" tour turns Obamacare, the government shutdown, and other current events into song and satire. The show constantly changes, but remains strenuously bi-partisan, and includes new material including the Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid duet "My Gay";  "Putin on a Blitz", and the Tea Party's "De-Fund". If you've wanted to see Barack Obama sing a showtune, Nancy Pelosi sing a rock song, or Gov. Chris Christie perform classical ballet, The Capitol Steps "Fiscal Shades of Gray" tour fulfills that wish.

The Washington Post recapped the Capitol Steps ability to find humor in the government shutdown.

Famous for putting the "mock" in democracy, the Capitol Steps, now in
their 32nd season, have become an annual Boston area Thanksgiving weekend
tradition.  The irreverent group charms audiences on both sides of the
aisle with its unique brand of political humor set to popular music.

The Cambridge performances of The Capitol Steps are made possible with the support of WBUR.

For program information on The Capitol Steps, clips from recent
performances, audio downloads, and a link to their YouTube channel,
visit The Capitol Steps can also be found on
Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter (@capsteps).

Tickets, priced $39.00, $36.00, and $31.00 (with $5.00 OFF student
tickets with a limit of two per person, ID required) are on sale at
the Harvard Box-Office. For tickets, call 617-496-2222 or order them
online at

Sanders Theatre is located in Memorial Hall, Harvard University, 45
Quincy Street, Cambridge, MA.

The Capitol Steps performances in Cambridge, MA are produced by The
Mike Thornton Agency.