Friday, November 27, 2009

Additional Press for The Capitol Steps

The Cambridge Performances (November 28)

***Boston Globe (11/05/09) "Mark Your Calendars":

***Boston Globe (11/27/09): Weekend

***Panorama Boston Guide:

Lebanon, NH Performance (November 15)

***Hanover NH Chamber of Commerce:

Northampton, MA Performance (November 14)

***Westfield on Weekends:

Monday, November 16, 2009

Capitol Steps / Lebanon. A Rave Review

From Kerry Trotter at the Valley News:

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Capitol Steps / Northampton. Successful performance!

The MGAPR/Mike Thornton Agency co-producing venture of "The Capitol Steps" Obama Mia Tour performance in Northampton, our first independent production since our WFCR days, was a success. Mike and I had co-produced The Capitol Steps for seven seasons at Mount Holyoke as a WFCR benefit. We'd both worked together on other Capitol Steps performances (he as producer, me as publicist) in Vermont, Cambridge, and Orlando. This was our first shot doing it on our own.

The Academy of Music Theatre in Northampton was the ideal venue. Theatre director Debra J'Anthony and general manager Matt Meers were great to work with, as was Mark Florence at the Northampton Box-Office. Communication Angle provided great marketing materials. We also had great support from our sponsors, The Valley Advocate, Daily Hampshire Gazette, and 88.5FM/WFCR and 640AM/WNNZ.

I always like to thank the people behind the scenes who make collaborations successful, so an appreciative shout-out to: Patty Desroches, Mark Iacuessa, Vanessa Cerillo, Chris Daly, and Michael Kusek.

Some of the great media features generated here:

***Amherst Bulletin and Daily Hampshire Gazette interview with Elaina Newport, co-founder of The Capitol Steps:
***Springfield Sunday Republican interview with Bari Biern, a member of The Capitol Steps:

Monday, November 2, 2009

Recent Publicity for Mark G Auerbach Public Relations Clients

We're doing PR for The Mike Thornton Agency for the Capitol Steps tour (we're co-producing the Northampton performance with Mike)

Albany, NY (The Egg, October 17)

***Empire Page:
***Bennington VT Banner:
***WAMC Website:
***Albany CBS6:

Cambridge/Boston, MA (Sanders Theatre, November 28 at 5PM & 8PM)

***Culture Mob:
***Sonic Living Blog:

Lebanon, NH (Lebanon Opera House, November 15 at 7:30PM)

***Leave No Trace Blog:
***The Laker Guide:

Northampton, MA (Academy of Music. November 14 at 8PM)

***Mass Live (Springfield Republican) Listings:
***Mass Live 2: (Springfield Republican)-Northampton events:
***Linked In (Springfield area listings):