Monday, July 23, 2012

The David Pakman Show to Co-Sponsor Mixed Media Theatre Performance at the UMASS Fine Arts Center

The David Pakman Show will partner with the UMASS Fine Arts Center for the first time to co-sponsor a mixed media performance utilizing traditional theatre and social media.

Performance information at the website

Although The David Pakman Show has sponsored or hosted local political debates in the past, this venture links the show for the first time with one of the region's most diverse major performing and visual arts venues.

Media Release: Victor Acquista MD Launches "Pathways to Health" Community

For Immediate Release
Contact: Mark G. Auerbach 
Mark G. Auerbach Public Relations
413-733-7095 or 413-427-7352


Silver City, NM...Victor Acquista MD, a physician for over 25 years, best known for combining conventional therapies with holistic, patient-centered health options, has launched a new web-based holistic health community, Pathways Integral Health and Wellness, in conjunction with the release of his new book, Pathways to Health--An Integral Guidebook.   

Dr. Acquista describes his book, which is the portal to the web community: “Beyond conventional medicine, beyond alternative, complementary and integrative, I lead the reader to a new place--Integral.  From the integral perspective, the reader understands their health in an expanded way--a truly holistic combination of mind, body, and spirit in dynamic equilibrium with the world around”. 

Dr. Acquista adds “When exploring the complex interplay of body, psyche, and spirit, one begins to understand why one feels the way they do, and what one needs to do to start feeling better. Through novel assessments, readers construct a unique map of their health, and use the map to chart a course to reach their health goals.”

When complete, the web community, Pathways Integral Health and Wellness, will have various resources to enable members to learn more about their health in a fun, educational, and socially engaging way, and to assist fellow travelers on their journies to better health. A unique aspect of the web community includes the opportunity for the user to map their health history and plan their future in map format.

“It is my goal to empower people with a much more comprehensive understanding of health i.e. an integral perspective on health” says Dr. Acquista. ”With a more complete understanding, people are better able to identify and chart a course to better health. I give them the tools to create a map of their health and to use this map to journey to their unique self-determined destination of better health”. .

A Brooklyn, NY native, Dr. Acquista, a graduate of Cornell University and The University of Vermont College of Medicine., completed a fellowship in Academic Internal Medicine at Brown University. He is a member of the Institute of Noetic Sciences and the Integral Institute. He entered private practice and established the Center for Preventive Medicine in North Providence, RI, where he was teaching attending at Roger Williams Hospital. In Massachusetts, he served as Physician-In-Charge at Kaiser Permanente’s Springfield Health Center and as Chairman of Quality Improvement for Wing Memorial Hospital in Palmer, MA, as-well-as Medical Staff Vice President. After a nine-year tenure as  Medical Director of the Monson (MA) Developmental Center, a residential facility for adults with developmental disabilities, he relocated to New Mexico, where he serves as Chief Medical Officer at the Fort Bayard Medical Center. He is formally a member of the editorial board of the International Journal of Nursing in Developmental Disabilities, and presently on the faculty at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine. He is a founding member of the River Valley Market in Northampton, MA, and a new non-profit, The Collaborative for Community Health in Palmer, MA. 

He offers seminars, webinars, and educational programs in Integral Health at Pathways Integral Health and Wellness.. 

Website: Pathways to Health::
Find Pathways Integral Health and Wellness on Facebook:

Pathways to Health: An Integral Guide Book is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and all e-book reader.  Also available from Publish Green at:

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Rave Reviews for "The Capitol Steps"

Many accolades for The Capitol Steps at their performance at Cranwell in The Berkshires. They'll be there all summer.

Nice mentions of Mike Thornton, with whom I often partner on projects from The Capitol Steps publicity to his jazz trio.,_take_the_money_and_runfor_president

The Capitol Steps play Cambridge on the Saturday night of Thanksgiving next partnership with Mike Thornton.

Monday, July 16, 2012

One of Our Publications: Coming Out Support Newsweekly

We've been publishing the weekly Coming Out Support Newsweekly since I worked for AOL's Community Leader's Program. It provides news and information for thos in the coming out process, their families, and friends. Once available by email subscription only, it now publishes on Tuesdays on line (unless breaking news warrants).

Save The Date. The Capitol Steps Return to Cambridge.

DATELINE: 7/16/12
Mike Thornton
Mike Thornton Agency
Mark G. Auerbach
Mark G. Auerbach Public Relations
413-733-7095 or 413-427-7352


Saturday, November 24, 2012 at 5PM
Saturday, November 24, 2012 at 8PM

The Mike Thornton Agency presents


Sanders Theatre
Memorial Hall, Harvard University 
45 Quincy Street, Cambridge, MA.

Tickets (on sale 9/10/12) , priced $38.00, $34.00, and $29.00 (with $5.00 OFF student tickets with a limit of two per person, ID required) are on sale at the Harvard Box-Office. For tickets, call 617-496-2222 or order them online at

"The Take The Money and Run...for President" tour recaps the 2012 Presidential Election in music, comedy, and satire. It’s an opportunity to remember winners, losers, and wanna-bes and of course, health care, bailouts, the environment, the budget, partisan politics, unfaithful politicians, and the Tea Party. Famous for putting the "mock" in democracy, the Capitol Steps have become an annual area Thanksgiving weekend tradition The irreverent group charms audiences on both sides of the aisle with its unique brand of political humor set to popular music. 

To preview some of the Capitol Steps materials, visit their website ( or find The Capitol Steps on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter (@capsteps).



For general information on The Capitol Steps: (includes news,
downloads, etc for the general public):
For the Capitol Steps Media Kit:
For The Capitol Steps photos and graphics:
For a Capitol Steps CD, to interview one of the Capitol Steps, or
additional information: Mark G. Auerbach Public Relations.
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